bronze skin天天躁狠狠躁狠狠躁夜夜躁

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bronze skin天天躁狠狠躁狠狠躁夜夜躁
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bronze skin天天躁狠狠躁狠狠躁夜夜躁

I never thought of myself as an overly sexual person especially at my current age of 34. Of course I loved the sight of a good looking woman, but when I find myself travelling five or six times a year for work and constantly maintaining my bosses content I didn't really have much time on my own to be meeting women, let alone having physical relationships. So I rarely had sex or any other sort of relief, sometimes I would go two years until I finally got one out. This didn't really bother me, I was a happy person and never let things like sex get me down. But I guess it all got too much for me, as I visited Brazil last November for a work meeting I found that I had simply had enough of the dry spell. Brazil was a beautiful country and I loved looking around in the spare time I had. One day before the work meeting I had an extra day before I needed to be at my best. So I decided to visit one of Brazil’s famous beaches. As you probably know, the women of Brazil are extremely beautiful, and they don’t mine letting you know. Even before I first walked onto the sand I could see the beautiful girls wandering on the white sand playing volleyball and splashing in the water. At the time it had been over a year since my last sexual relationship, so seeing all these wonderful girls in such revealing outfits made my hormones start racing immediately. I tried to ignore the excess of attractive women while I swam and relaxed on the beach, after a while of being around all these people I began to grow accustom to my surroundings, although I was still particularly interested in catching a glimpse of those lovely bronze legs that surrounded me. It would have been about thirty minutes before I decided it would be a good idea for me to get a drink to chill out a bit more, I was on edge with my hormones racing at the sight of the beach women. I wandered up to the shore side bar and as I passed a group of girls who were sitting in the sun. I noticed a few of them were checking me out and as I pretended not to notice, I felt a sense of self confidence after I approached the bar and sat with a smile on my face. I clearly stood out as a tourist and immediately as I sat down the bartender who was a middle aged man like myself cheerfully asked “hey brother, what’s your poison?” in a strong but comprehensible Brazilian accent. I smiled and responded with a request for whiskey and dry, to which he started to make. As he was pouring my drink he asked me how long I had been in Brazil, by then it had only been one night. I added that I was very impressed with the country and so far loved my stay. We relayed in conversation about why I was there and in return I tipped him generously for being so welcoming. He noticed I was particularly sly about checking out all the girls at the bar and around the beach. After only about 5 minutes he jokingly said to me “You fancy yourself a Brazilian girl huh?” We both laughed fora few seconds and I bashfully responded by saying that his country was very easy on the eyes, especially around the beaches. I wasn't hiding the fact that I found a lot of the people around the bar attractive; there was a lot to look at while I enjoyed my whiskey. He and I began talking about how good looking some of the women were, we laughed and joked about this for a while until I decided a second drink was in order. As I held my money out to pay he held the palm of his hand up and said “this one’s on the house for such a happy customer”. I thanked him but was very confused about the offer, nevertheless I began to enjoy my second drink. After the first whiskey my nerves had relaxed and I was no longer on edge. As I was about halfway through my second drink, I was surprised to hear the bartender who’s name I had now found out to be Jose’ ask me if I had any luck with the local girls since I’d been here. I was taken off guard for a second before I openly responded by saying I had not. He smiled and said I should have no problem with it anyway. I didn't quite know what to say, but before I could muster a response he leant in and quietly said to me “if you need something special from our girls, call this number” as he slid a small piece of paper over to my hand. I was speechless once again and I quickly said a stuttering thank you while he laughed to himself. “Don’t thank me” he remarked as he went over to assist another customer. I looked down at the paper and noted the details of the paper. All it said was ‘Michael’ followed by a series of numbers. By now I had finished my drink and I left after thanking Jose once again for helping me out. I put the paper away and as I went home picked up some supplies for my hotel room.As the day moved to dawn I got back to my hotel and rested for a while. I was exhausted from walking in the hot sun all day but I was fairly content at how I had spent my day. As I started unpacking my food and supplies I came across the piece of paper once again, it had not left my mind since the incident at the bar. I laughed to myself at the thought of calling it, wondering if it was seriously what I had thought, but part of me was heavily considering using such a service. I stalled over and over at the thought of calling, and I had soon realized that calling the number wasn't going to kill me. I grabbed the paper and walked over to my phone which the hotel had installed for me. I looked at the paper, took a deep breath of relief and dialled the number slowly. As the phone rang my heart seemed to stop as I listened to the dial tones resonating in my ear. After only about five rings, a deep voice answered on the other end with a casual “Yo what can I get for you”. I didn't quite know what to say and paused, he once again repeated raising his voice this time. I panicked and quickly answered telling him a bartender named Jose handed him this number. He chuckled to himself and remarked “Did he really?” After another short pause he asked where I was staying. I responded and told him immediately where I was, soon after I kicked myself at the thought of telling a complete stranger where I was staying. But this Michael guy seemed pretty friendly much like Jose, he told me he was sending ‘the goods’ to me as we spoke. Not exactly sure of what was going on, I thanked him and he told me I didn't need to thank him. He hung up the phone, and I just satat my bed in silence realizing that I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I went through a sudden feeling of panic and nervousness as I realized I was utterly unprepared for visitors at the time. Frantically, I started putting my belongings away and put my valuables in the hotel room safe. After I was done I sat down with my heart racing and looked at the door. I had no idea when this person was going to get here, nor who this person was. My mind started hypothesizing what was going on, even though I was pretty certain I had just ordered intimate company, an escort. I passed the time by occupying myself with small tasks before I heard a loud knock at my door, as the knocks echoed I jumped and gasped quite loudly. Immediately I put my hand over my mouth to hide my heavy breathing. Wasting no time I approached the door and looked into the scope to see what was on the other side. I was unsurprised as a woman was standing over in the hallway looking expressionless at the door. She was not a disappointment, bronze skin, silky black hair and very composed body. Instantly I opened the door and peered around the side,18禁无码永久免费无限制网站 immediately our eyes met and she smiled at me welcomingly. “Hello handsome” she said enthusiastically as I opened the door fully. I was again unsure what to say but invited her in as any good host would have done. She came in and sat on the bed with her legs crossed and as I turned around she was again smiling. She smiled in a very sincere and warming way; she didn't seem sleazy by any means. She must have been slightly younger than me, most likely approaching her thirties. Her breast size was considerably large for her figure and her skin was very well composed. I stuttered out if she would like a drink and she responded with concurrence as I made my way to the kitchen. I poured us both a whiskey and she moved closer to me as we sat on the bed and gazed into my eyes. “My names Camilla Darling” she exclaimed politely once again smiling revealing her white teeth. I engaged her with my name and remarked that she was very attractive. I was very shy and nervous; she was aware of this and giggled when I spoke. She made an effort to become intimate as she placed her hand on my leg. I rendered no response and she confusedly asked me what was wrong. Reluctantly I revealed exactly what was going on, and that I was completely unaware of what was happening on her side of the arrangement. She laughed affectionately and told me she was an escort, then as she tried to make a definition of what an escort was I told her I knew. We spoke a bit more and she gathered that I was no more comfortable than when she had walked through the door. As we paused she asked me what I wanted to do. Without any though I immediately asked her if she was being forced to do this in any way followed by the question of whether this was enjoyable to her. She once again laughed and told me she was very happy to do this and that this was in fact a second job. Without asking what that job was I seemed to relax a bit more, confessing that I don’t ever do this and that my sexual encounters had been low in the past. She moved closer to me and put her arms on my side, I reservedly looked into her eyes and she comforted me saying that she was willing to do this at my own pace. I remained unsure, but without question she began kissing my neck softly while caressing my chest. I submitted to her touch and held my hand on her face as we began to kiss affectionately. After about two minutes she and I pulled away and laughed. She was a very sweet girl, she seemed to understand that I was not just some sex crazed tourist. I was genuinely interested in this girl’s personality as cliché as it might sound. She and I talked before continuing out affection. She took my shirt off revealing my bare chest and she continued to softly kiss my torso running her hands along my sides. I quivered at her touch and felt almost incapable of saying no to the situation. The fact that this was an escort had not re-entered my mind. By now she and I were belly to belly with only her underwear on as she comforted me. Without any guidance I wrapped my hands around her body and unhooked her bra strap, as I did this she giggled once again and quickly slipped off the bra revealing her well sized chest. She moved back towards me and her nipples dragged along the front of my body. By now I was extremely turned on and I was under the subconscious impression that this was a legitimate sexual encounter, absent of any business agreement. She moved down my body and softly rubbed my chest. As she made her way down to my lower body, her fingers hooked onto my shorts and in one pull she had my briefs and shorts down to my knees. I jumped a bit at this happening and she let out a laugh as she continued to pull my shorts off completely. I felt severely exposed as my hormones raced. I looked over to see her grabbing something from her bag. After only a few seconds she pulled out a condom and slithered her soft body over by my side. She smiled and said cheerfully “company policy” as I made the connection between the condom and her work. I agreed happily as she started fondling my cock which at this time was very hard. She took great care in getting me as hard as she could smiling at me as we kissed. After only a short while she moved away from me with a slight tease. Unwrapping the condom, she held my cock firmly and placed it on the tip gazing over at me seductively. In an instant she placed her mouth over the end of my cock and slid the condom down swiftly with her mouth. She moved my penis all the way into her throat and when she was finished placing the condom on me she looked over and laughed at my expression. I could tell this was going to be a good night.By now I was much more active and I immediately grabbed her hips and puller her to my chest. She and I made out passionately as she curled into my body as we sat upright. She pulled away for a second and moved her hand towards her hips. Slowly she grasped her panties and teased them down to her knees. I could hardly contain my excitement as he shaven pussy was revealed. I could feel her warmth radiating onto my leg and I braced myself for what was to come. Her right hand moved and grabbed my cock with a firm hand. As she rubbed the tip between her legs for a few seconds I began to feel myself slip inside her. She and I both quivered as she moved down with me penetrating deeper as she sat face to face with me holding her close. Once I was well and truly inside, she smiled and began to move her hips. As I moaned she gathered excitement and moved quicker and deeper for me. I was in heaven at this point, much to my surprise she was relatively tight around my cock. I had expected a woman of experience like her to be overworked, but she felt amazing moving up and down on me. As I sat in pleasure she suddenly pushed me onto the bed with my back slamming down. As she did this my cock shot up inside her swiftly and she jolted in pleasure. She thrusted on top of me holding my shoulders and kissing my neck softly. She was working quite hard in place for me; I focused and enjoyed the feel of her grinding on top of me. Feeling like I should embrace the moment, I dominantly wrapped my arms around her and threw her on her back; it was my turn to do the work. She smiled gratefully as I re-entered her and progressively moved faster inside her. She was moaning quite a lot considering this was work for her, but I continued to penetrate smoothly until we simultaneously made the move to change positions. This time she curled her soft and firm ass in the air signalling for me to move behind her. Without any hesitation, I crawled behind her and laid my body across her back as I entered once again. She quivered while I sensually moved inside her while kissing her neck and back. By now I had moved way beyond my usual climax time and she quickly gathered that I was beginning to move slower. Suddenly she sat up and pushed me down, with a grin on her face she climbed on top of me and positioned herself to ride my cock. Wasting no time, she moved quickly down my cock repeatedly making use of its length. I knew that she was trying to finish me as she placed her lips over my ear and softly said “it’s time for you to cum handsome”. Even with the condom on it didn't take long before she moved me to the home stretch. My body clenched and within a minute the silky insides of her pussy brought me to climax. I came for about a minute groaning as she continued sliding on top of me trying to extract my entire load. She looked extremely pleased with her job and complimented me on my performance. After I had finished she lifted off of me and disposed of the condom. Laying there in ecstasy, I smiled to myself and breathed heavily reminiscing on what had just happened. I had expected her to leave pretty much instantly, but she and I continued to lie in bed holding one another watching Brazilian TV. I became confused and asked her if she was still supposed to be here. She smiled affectionately and informed me that she was to be paid for the entire night. I acknowledged this and realized that a lot of people on business must pay for this kind of service due to loneliness. To be honest, I was lonely myself and felt comforted having a gorgeous girl to hold at night wearing nothing but a pair of lace underwear. I could have had sex with Camilla another five times if I wanted, but as the night progressed she fell asleep on my chest and I decided not to wake her out of gratitude. I too dozed off and together we slept as if we were somehow a couple; however it was clear to both of us that this was business. I woke to the sun beaming into my eyes and I began to stretch my body trying not to wake Camilla who was now laying on her front just beside me. I looked at her sleeping and smiled, she had been good to me and I felt happy having someone to hold for once. Not to mention Camilla had ended my dry spell, quite professionally I might add. As I looked down at her more her body started to wriggle into awakening and she looked up at me dazed and weary. We looked in each other’s eyes for a few seconds and she buried her head into her pillow and laughed. “Were you watching me all night handsome man?” she laughingly said while beginning to sit up. I was very embarrassed and tried to utter some sort of brief explanation. But as I spoke incoherently she sat up and kissed me and soon after pulled away to go and get herself something to drink. I was silent and decided just to watch her for a while as she was easy on the eyes. After she rehydrated, she hastily crawled back onto the bed and kissed me once again, using plenty of tongue. She looked at the clock in the hotel and a sly grin came onto her face. “We still have another two hours before our session is over” she stated with a sexy tone. Her accent made every breath a turn on. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 10 o'clock; she must have had until mid-day to be with me and she seemed eager for me to use up my time. I mentioned this to her and she placed her finger tips on my chest and leant in to whisper a response. “But I like you” she softly said making my body jerk slightly and instantly we engaged in foreplay. Things were relatively similar to the previous night; however when we were ready to commit to sex I soon realized she had not placed a condom on me. Shocked at first I was quickly met with a ultimatum, “don’t cum inside me” she said as she pulled my shoulders upright. She looked serious but soon after she began riding me. The second time was even more amazing. I didn't last as long but it was good to have sex without a condom for once. I wondered why she did this for me; I assumed quickly that she was rewarding me in some way for not being a complete sleaze and respecting her as a professional. However she seemed to be enjoying the sex just as much. I came onto her chest with the guidance of her hand and she chuckled at my moan of ultimate pleasure. After she was due to leave, I paid her with a little extra and we met with an innocent kiss before leaving. I didn't use the service again during my time in Brazil, but I was very happy to have used an escort service and not feel like a complete idiot. I felt like I had gotten all I needed and could get on with my life once again. I’ll never forget Camilla; she was a generous and charismatic lover. But maybe one day if I go back ill give Michael a call and ask if Camilla is free, I might just be lucky enough.



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