he drew me in closer18禁超污无遮挡无码免费应用

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he drew me in closer18禁超污无遮挡无码免费应用
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he drew me in closer18禁超污无遮挡无码免费应用

Please read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 for a better understanding of this chapter.________________________________________________________________________I couldn’t believe it had finally happened. For a while, I stood in the shower with the water running, remembering his rough hands rubbing all over me, feeling his cock inside of me, unwilling to wash away the memories of our first time. When I exited the shower, clean and freshly scented, Ben was still sprawled on the bed, his cock relaxed and flaccid, drooping over his balls with small droplets of cum hanging on to his red tip. His hands were behind his head and he was looking up towards the ceiling. He seemed to be in deep thought and his chest rose and dropped deeply as if while satisfied, he was still trying to catch his breath. I threw on a clean pair of boxers and slowly crawled up his body, over his legs and cock and lay on top his naked frame, feeling his sweatiness against my perky skin. He removed his hands from behind his head and put them around me, hugging me tightly and kissed me on the head.“Are you okay? You seem a bit distant.”“I’m great, champ. Are you okay? That was a rough session.”“I’m fantastic! I’ve never felt better in my life.”“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you comfortable.”“You could never make me uncomfortable. I love pleasing you.”I rose up and gave him a small kiss on his lips and after a brief glance, he drew me in closer, and for the first time, returned my kiss, with a passion and power I had never experienced before. He rolled over on top of me and continued kissing me, rubbing his hands all over my body, and sometimes wandering to my neck and chest, filling me with ecstasy. I loved him on top of me, seeing his gorgeous eyes looking into mine, feeling his tones arms as he held himself over me, feeling like I was hopelessly his.As we continued kissing deeply, I could feel his cock growing, thicker and longer between my legs, pushing against my boxers as I wrapped my feet around his torso. He was still naked and his cock was rearing to go after a short rest. I untangled my feet from his body and slowly tried to remove my boxers with breaking his kisses but it wasn’t working and soon he became impatient, and ripped them off my skinny frame. He dived into my mouth again,18禁止看爆乳奶头无遮挡直播 filling me with his tongue and sweet lips, sending shivers down my spine with anticipation of what was to come.Finally, he stopped kissing me and spit into his hand and reached down and smothered it over the tip of his cock. Then with a second spit, he lathered it over my open hole, slipping a finger or two in, trying to make sure I was stretched and wet enough for his huge, thick, dad cock.I again wrapped my legs around his torso and we started kissing again, and I started to feel his cock head stabbing wildly at my ass, looking for my tight asshole. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his massive cock and guided it towards my aching hole and with one sharp push, he entered me again.The sensation was as painful but as exhilarating as before, but I had to break the kiss to catch my breath. His face remained permanently over mine, smiling as I grimaced in pain and pleasure as his pulsing 9 inch cock ravaged my tight boy pussy and during some long kisses and biting on his neck and shoulders, I started whispering in his ear how much I wanted his big cock and how good it felt and how bad I wanted him to destroy me.It turned him on like a light switch and he held my arms down and began ramming every inch into my sore ass. He was dripping with sweat, as bead upon bead began falling on my chest and I screamed in pain as he opened my ass wider and wider with every long stroke. I couldn’t take it anymore and I spit cum all over my stomach utterly exhausted from holding back my pleasure. He kept fucking me deeply until he was ready to cum and without hesitation, he spewed his hot man jizz deep within my boy hole. His body tensed up and spasmed with every ejaculation and I wrapped my legs tighter around his torso making sure to get every last drop inside me.He was breathing deeply, looking down at me, with a sly smile of satisfaction but a wicked sense of torture. He wasn’t done with me just yet.He flipped me over on my stomach and positioned his still hard cock against my ass, slapping his long meat against my perky cheeks. He leaned down over me and whispered in my ears.“Isn’t this what you wanted? You’re going to get it now.”He spread my legs as far apart as they could go and entered me with one swift drop of his hips, his 9 inches going straight inside me. I writhed in pain but he lay directly on top of me, using his weight to hold me down as his cock ripped me open. I pushed my ass back and up loving his domination, and lusting for his every inch as he slapped my ass and pulled my hair. He was pounding me and calling me his little bitch until he began cumming again. He went soft inside me, kissing my back and running his hands over my body. I felt like I was in heaven. I never thought anyone could make me feel the way he made me feel. Utterly hopeless but completely satisfied at the same time. He was the man for me.He rolled me over and lay on top of me again, kissing my neck and shoulders.“No one has ever taken a pounding like that from me before.”“Well I am a champ remember. I guess you’ve met your match.”“I guess I have. Haha. But just promise me, this will just be our thing. I won’t feel comfortable with you doing this with other guys.”“Don’t worry. I promise.”Fingers crossed, that’s one promise, amazing fuck or not, that I couldn’t keep.TO BE CONTINUED…



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