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being school was out18禁超污无遮挡无码免费应用
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being school was out18禁超污无遮挡无码免费应用

My name is Jeff. I am a 40 year old father of three beautiful daughters. Before you ask, I have never and never intend on having sexual relations with either of my daughters. I am Captain in my home towns Fire Department, on my off days, I run a pretty successful landscaping business, so my family and I live a pretty comfortable life. My wife left us a couple years back. She was destined to succeed in the big business world and my girls and I stood in her way. Although she didn’t completely abandon the girls, her time with them diminished each year. As a firefighter, I worked 24 hours on shift and 48 hours off, therefore my girls have pretty much learned to take care of themselves while I am on shift. I am very proud of the young ladies they have become. My oldest daughter had graduated high school and immediately headed off to college leaving her sisters and I alone. My middle daughter was 16 and the baby was 13. Shyanne my middle daughter loved helping me with the landscaping business and now, being school was out, she was pretty much taking care of the work herself, alone with a couple guys I had on pay roll. Any way, on to the purpose of this story, I was a creature of habit, every morning on my way to the firehouse, I would stop at this little diner and have breakfast, and the next morning on the way home I would stop again. It was a quaint little diner, nothing fancy, and the staff was very friendly. On this particular morning, I went in and sat at the bar, as I normally did, and took the menu from the napkin holder. I really didn’t need the menu, because I knew everything the diner served but it was a habit. “Hi there, what can I do you for?” A sweet voice with a Spanish accent said behind the menu. I lowered the menu; the voice was unfamiliar to me. Standing smiling at me was a cute, young Latina girl, holding an order pad. Her dark brown eyes were staring at me. She was standing behind the bar, so I could only make out her upper body appearance, and I really liked what I could see. She had a beautiful smile, the top three buttons of her uniform were unbuttoned and her light brown skin was high lighted by the light pink uniform. Her breast were full, I would imagine a nice firm C cup, due to the cleavage she was displaying. Her black hair was pulled into a pony tail and her slim brows were raised waiting for my answer.“Hi there, you are new.” I said laying the menu down on the counter. “Yes sir, I am Jen. My uncle owns this place is letting me work here during the summer. Would you like a cup of coffee?”“Yeah, that would be nice, Jen. I will also have a stack of pancakes, 2 eggs over easy and a side of grits.”“Wow,” she said writing my order, “Healthy appetite you have there, mister.”“I am Jeff, no mister needed. I come in here a lot.”“Ok, I will get this in to the kitchen.”I watched Jen as she worked around the counter. She was very friendly and we talked while she worked and I waited for my food. I learned that she was 17 and attended the same high school as my girls. Although she knew who my daughters were, she didn’t really know them. She walked from behind the counter to fill the salt and pepper shakers. This was the first time I got to see the lower part of her body, and it was definitely worth the short wait. The pink uniform skirt came down just above her knee. Her legs were long and toned. She walked with a graceful stride, almost making it like she was walking on air. Her full hips swayed like rippling water. It was not a flirty sway, to her it seemed natural. As she leaned across the table, her left leg lifted up, giving me a nice view of her youthful thigh. I sipped my coffee as I admired her. She went to the kitchen and got my food and brought it to me. I ate, gave her a generous tip and went to work. I kept my routine up every day. While at the diner, Jen and I would talk and over the next couple months, we got pretty comfortable around each other and would make flirtatious comments. On my part, everything was innocent. Although I thought Jen was a beautiful young lady, I kept my comments PG rated and never got out of line. Jen was between my two older daughters in age, so normally, I seen her as young and innocent and would do nothing to break the trust she had built for me. In early August, my heart was broken when I stopped by the diner, and Jen was not there. I asked Donna, one of the other waitresses, where she was, and Donna informed me that Jen was signing up for classes. I had forgotten that today was sign up day, so I finished my meal and headed home to get my girls. They were waiting on me in the drive way when I pulled up and we quickly headed toward the school.We pulled into the school parking lot and went inside. The girls seen some of their friends and were off with them. I followed with some distance behind them. I knew I cramped their style and had learned to stay back in the shadows. When they needed me, they would summons me, and I would assist them in what ever they needed. As I walked down the hall, I saw Jen a little ways in front of my girls. I swallowed hard as I watched her glide down the hall. She had on a pair of white shorts that would have been against the schools dress code if school had been in session. The legs of the shorts barely covered the fleshy round mounds of her ass. Her toned calf muscles tightened with each step she took. She wore a pink tank top, one of the ones that have the built in bra. When she turned I could see the impression of her ample breast pressing against the tight material. I wasn’t the only one to notice the young vixen. Every guy she passed turned to watch her pass. My girls finished their activities and we started walking toward the truck. As we approached my truck, I heard someone call my name. I turned, and it was Jen. She had seen me walking across the parking lot. She began to jog over to where I was. I wish that she hadn’t. As she jogged, her breast bounced with each step and by the time she got to where I was, she had to readjust her top to properly cover her assets. “Hi girl, I missed you at the diner this morning.” I said, trying to bring my eyes up to her face. “You did, did you?” “Yep, the service wasn’t nearly what I have been use to.”“Well I am sure Mrs. Donna treated you right, I know she was glad that I wasn’t there.”I stopped my flirting before I made a fool of myself in front of my girls. I introduced Jen to my girls and they talked about the classes they had signed up for and exchanged stories of their potential instructors. After ten minutes or so, we said our good byes and Jen walked to her car as we pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. The drive home was pretty quiet. My mind drifted back to Jen trotting across the parking lot. For the first time, my thoughts became sexual. I imagined her running topless and her breast bouncing free from the tank top. My daughter brought me back to earth.“Dad, can we go ahead and go get our supplies?”“Sure.” I replied.We went to Wal-Mart and purchased all their supplies and some groceries and headed home. As the girls packed their supplies into their back packs, I prepared dinner. When it was ready we sat at the table and ate. The conversation was about school and the friends they had seen while at school, and the ones that they hadn’t seen, then the conversation took a big turn. “You know Dad, that Jen girl has the hots for you.” Shyanne said while cutting her steak. “Don’t be silly Shy, I am old enough to be her father.”“In her culture, there is nothing wrong with a young girl being with an older man. Actually, if she were in Mexico, she would probably be married with a couple of kids by now.” “Well, we are not in Mexico, and she is just a year older than you, and only a couple years younger than your sister. It would not be appropriate, even if I was interested.” “She is pretty, don’t you think Daddy.” My youngest added.“Yes she is very pretty, but not as pretty as my girls, now eat your dinner so we can get cleaned up and you two can get to bed, 6 am will come early in the morning.” We continued our dinner with out another mention of Jen. We cleaned the kitchen and the girls began to prepare for bed. I sit back on the sofa and watched some TV until both were in bed, then I retired for the night. The next few weeks went by uneventful. I landed a big landscaping job and without the extra hands, due to the girls being in school, I had to work late on my days off from the firehouse to get it done on schedule. With my work and the busy schedule the girls kept, I had all but forgotten about Jen. I had reverted back to be regular life of making sure my girls were happy and working. Luckily for me, the weather cooperated with me on the big job. The days were still long, and even though Autumn was approaching, it was still hot. I had worked hard and was ahead of schedule. My long weekend was approaching and I wanted to finish the job before it arrived so I could relax around the pool and maybe take the girls to a football game or something. I was pleased when the last plant was planted, and the last sprinkler head was covered on the Thursday before my long weekend began. I got home, covered in dirt. I pulled my t-shirt off as I got out of my truck. I went inside and heard laughter coming from the back yard where the pool was. I did not follow the sounds because it was nothing unusual for the girls to have friends over after school and swim. I went up stairs to take a shower. I stepped into my bathroom and was surprised to see a pair of red thongs lying in the floor. I reached down to pick them up, realizing that they were too big to be one of my girls. I laid the panties on the counter and stripped down. At 40, I consider myself in pretty good shape. At the fire house, when not fighting fires and doing paper work, the guys and I work out a lot. My landscaping job allows me to remain tanned, except for my buttocks and upper thighs which are very pale in comparison to the rest of my body. I am not ripped, but my abs is tight and my biceps are very developed as well as my pecks. My only flaw, in my opinion, was my manhood. Like all men, I wish I had an eight inch thick love pole, but what life dealt me was just average. My soft cock barely hung passed my scrotum. When hard, it was barely six inches. I had a vasectomy after our third girl but since my wife left, I had not even dated, much less had sex. I looked back at the thong on my bathroom counter. I reached over and picked them up, bringing them to my nose. I inhaled and closed my eyes. The scent coming from the crotch of the thong was intoxicating. I felt my cock begin to stiffen. I leaned into the shower and got the bottle of conditioner and squeezed a large amount in my hand. Lowering my hand, I wrapped my fingers around my hard cock and began to stroke. I knew what I was doing was wrong. This pair of panties belonged to one of my daughters’ friends, meaning the owner was young, but I had not pulled off a load in over a week, and I needed this. I continued to stroke my hard slippery cock while bringing the panties to my lips, sucking the fabric of the salty sweetness. It was not very long until ropes of cum were shooting out my cock into the shower. I continued to pump until I felt my prostrate relax and the last drop hit the floor. I laid the thong back on the counter and got in the shower, washing the evidence of my naughty deed down the drain. I cleaned myself, and stepped out of the shower. I dried off, and used the towel to clean the fog off of the mirror, before wrapping the towel around my waist. I squeezed some shaving cream into my hand and spread it on my face. I was just about to bring the razor down the side of my face when there was a knock on the door. “Come in.”The razor started sliding down my face, when the door opened. My hand jerked, causing the razor to knick my chin when I saw the owner of the knock. It was Jen. She was wearing one of my daughters bikini, which was at least two sizes too small, top and bottom. Her light brown breasts were barely covered by the small cups of the bikini. I could feel my towel begin to loosen as my cock began to grow, as my eyes wandered down. The tight bottoms clung to her pubic area like a second skin. I could very clearly see the outline of her pouty lips. “Sorry, Jeff, I left my panties in here.”“They are lying on the counter there.”She reached to get them then noticed the blood trickling down my face and neck. “Oh Jeff, you cut yourself.”She turned and bent over to pull some tissue off the roll. The bikini bottom slipped into the crack of her round ass giving me full view of her plump bottom. I caught the towel before it fell as my cock was throbbing. She stood back up and stepped closer. Her breast grazed my chest as she reached and wiped the blood with the tissue.She smiled at me as she patted the small knick. Then she moved her head closer, giving me a small peck on the cut. “There all better now.” She turned picked up the panties and left,18禁止看爆乳奶头无遮挡直播 pulling the door closed as she left. I looked into the mirror. My cock was hard as granite. When reality sunk in, I had sniffed and sucked Jen’s panties during my self service session. The remembrance of the aroma and taste of her crotch intoxicated me. I stepped out of the bathroom and slipped on my boxers and a pair of shorts and headed to the kitchen. My two daughters and Jen were sitting at the counter and were working on what seemed like homework. I got a beer from the fridge and walked over to see what was going on. When I neared, Jen looked up at me and smiled and winked at me. I saw her eyes fall to my chest and abs before she turned back to the studies. As the girls completed their homework, I had dinner ready. We invited Jen, but she graciously denied saying her aunt was waiting on her. She left and we ate without incident. While cleaning up I told the girls of my plans for the weekend, unfortunately, their mother was going to be in town and wanted to take them shopping, to buy their forgiveness for the last three months of no contact. Not one to cause trouble I shook my head and pretended I was not disappointed. Not having to work the next day, I drove the girls to school, and went to the firehouse to work out. Afterwards, I stopped by the diner and had some food, before going back home. I showered, and sat in the couch and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by the door bell. I shook myself to consciousness looking at my watch. Damn I thought as my watch read 3:30pm. I struggled to the door and opened it. There in front of me was Jen. She was wearing a black skirt that was barely long enough to comply with the schools dress code, a white undershirt with a red vest over her shoulders. I shook my head to make sure I was still not dreaming. “Hi Jeff, is Shy home?”“Sorry Jen, She and Madison are with their mother this weekend.”“Oh ok. Well I was hoping to go for a swim. Shy told me I could come over anytime I wanted, but being she is not here, I guess I had better go.”“Nonsense, go ahead. Make yourself at home. I have some work to do, so the pool is all yours.”“Thanks.”She bounced into the house and into the bathroom. I sat at my desk and began to work on invoices. I caught a glimpse of Jen as she moved across the kitchen. I turned slightly. She was wearing a solid white bikini. The top barely covered her nipples. The bottom was a G-string. I watched as she walked across the floor and her meaty ass shaking like a big bowl of jell-o. My eyes followed her until she was out of sight. My male instinct was to get up, follow her and rip the thin material from her young body, but my fatherly instinct held strong and I lost myself in my work. After a while I got so intrigued in the numbers that I almost forgot that the sexy Latina teen was present. After about an hour and a half I pushed back from the desk and walked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer. I twisted the top and turned to the window to look out. I almost dropped my beer when I seen what was outside. Jen had gotten out of the pool and was laying out in one of the lounge chairs. Her beautiful body lay on her back. Her top was lying on the concrete beside her. My eyes stared at the most perfect set of breast I had ever laid eyes on. There was not a bit of sag as the melon shaped mounds sat on her chest. Her areolas were looked as if someone had spread chocolate on her, and her nipples were long and thick. I felt my cock begin to stir in my shorts. A sixth sense must have told her someone was looking at her because she sat up. I stepped away from the window hoping she had not seen me gawking at her. After a few seconds I peeked again, and Jen was gone. I looked out the window, scanning the pool area. “Like what you seen?” I heard Jen say behind me. I slowly turned around. Jen was standing there in front of me. She had not bothered to put her top back on. I looked into her big brown eyes, then down to her beautiful breast. Nervously I looked back to her face. “Jen, you should not be here like this.”“Why not Jeff, you don’t think I am pretty?”“Oh no, Jen, I think you are beautiful, but you are only 17. You are too young for me.”With that she stepped closer to me, I could feel her warm breath on my neck.“I am not too young Jeff. I know exactly what I am doing.”Her hand moved to the waist of my shorts, her fingers traced under my belly button. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest as her finger traced down my zipper. Her hand opened so her palm was against my hard cock. She rubbed down then back up. I looked at her face, and her brown lustful eyes stared right at me. Her pink tongue traced her red lips. Her other hand moved to the button of my shorts and along with her previous hand she easily unbuttoned my shorts, then unzipping them. My shorts fell quickly to the floor. Now I stood in front of this young beauty in only my boxers. She moved closer, planting small kisses on my neck and chest as I felt her hand slide inside the fly of my boxers, touching my balls. Her kisses move back up my chest. Our lips met for the first time. Her soft lips pressed into my. My arms wrapped around her bare back as I pulled her passionately into me, her breast pressed into my bare chest. Our tongues danced in each others mouths, as I kicked my shorts free from my feet. I lifted her up in my arms, and continued to kiss her as I carried her to my bedroom.Once inside my bedroom, I laid her down on the bed. As soon as she touched the bed, she sat up on her bottom. Her fingers hooked into my boxers and tugged them down. As my engorged cock popped out of the confines of my boxers, I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft. She pulled me by my cock. She opened her legs and I felt her small hand against my ass. She pressed my cock between her beautiful tits and squeezed them around my cock. My hips moved forward as she held her tits tight around my cock. The softness and warmth of her tits was amazing. She looked up at me and smiled as the pleasure washed over my face. She allowed me to thrust my cock between her tits for a few minutes before pushing me back a bit and lowering her head. I felt her soft tongue press against my shaft. She licked up one side and down the other, then opened her mouth and closed her lips around my head. Her hands were back on my backside as she pulled me to her. As she neared, my cock sank deeper into her hot young mouth. She expertly moved her mouth down my shaft until I felt her lips at the base of my cock. It had been a long time since I had felt such pleasure. My ex would never suck my cock, saying it was disgusting. I placed my hands on Jen’s head, running my fingers through her long black hair. Her tongue cupped my cock as she began to move her lips up and down my cock. Her fingers moved to my balls, and she rolled them in her hands. My hips began to move with her, pushing my cock all the way into her hot mouth, the back. As her pace picked up, so did mine and in a few minutes I was forcefully feeding this young teen my cock. Feeling my orgasm quickly approach, I pulled out quickly, and sprayed cum all over her pretty face and gorgeous breast. Jet after jet of my white goo splashed against her light brown skin. She looked up at me, a drop of my cum on her chin and smiled as she milked my balls empty. She rose up and kissed me, and trotted off to the bathroom. I lay on the bed wondering if the fun was over. If it had been, I was happy but hoped for more, a lot more. After a few minutes, Jen returned. She had removed her g-string and for the first time I was able to see the treasure between her young, toned legs. Her lips were pouty and glistening with her womanly nectar. I recalled the panties that I had molested. The sweet and salty taste filled my memory and my taste buds ached for more. She glided to me, and lay beside me. I turned on my side, placing my arm down on her stomach. I kissed her lips, down her neck and chest. My lips wrapped around her left nipple and I gently sucked it into my mouth. Her hand moved to the back of my head pressing me into her breast. Her back arched upward pressed it harder. I could hear her moan as my tongue circled her dark chocolate nipple. My hand slid down her stomach and through the neatly trimmed black hair that sheltered her vagina. I felt her legs open as my hand grazed past the hair and touched her moist slit. I pulled my head up, my tongue lightly flicking over her nipple. My middle finger penetrated her lips. She gasped and pushed my head back on to her breast. I expertly nursed on her young mounds as my finger explored her tight tunnel. Jen was not a virgin, but she was tight. My finger continued to work in and out of her lips. To her pleasure I added another finger inside her. I worked the fingers back and forth, while I applied hard suction to her breast. My thumb pressed upon her pleasure button. I moved my thumb in circles as she began to moan and wiggle her hips. I softly released her hard nipple and removed my fingers. Then I slowly moved between her legs. I lowered and pressed my lips to hers. Her legs opened wide as her hips pressed against my lips. My tongue slowly rubbed against her clit. She lifted her hips as my lips closed down around her enlarged button. I sucked on it stimulating it with my tongue as my fingers returned to the velvety tunnel. She was so wet and hot. Her pussy was better than the panties I had used, this was the source and the juice was fresh. My fingers continued to work in and out of her. Her juices were gushing from her young lips as I sucked her clit harder. I felt her back arch as her hand gripped the bed spread. I knew she was about to give me what I wanted. I released her clit and removed my fingers, and replaced them with my tongue. I moved my tongue deep inside her until I felt the flood of juices from her orgasm. I moved my mouth over her pussy and sucked and licked the juices. She relaxed and I lifted my face, her juices dripped from my chin. She was looking up at the ceiling, breathing heavily. I moved up and lay beside her, looking at my young lover. She rolled on her side and kissed me passionately. “That was amazing. No guy has ever done that to me.”“It was my pleasure Jen.”“So are you going to fuck me now?”“No Jen, I am not going to fuck you.”“Why not? I want you to.”“Jen, are you sure you want me to make love to you?”“Oh yes. I have wanted it since the first time I saw you.”“Why? You are a beautiful young girl; you can have any guy, your age, why me?”Jen bit her lower lip. After a few seconds, she began telling me her story. Before she moved to America with her Uncle, the one who owned the diner, she lived in Mexico with her father and three older brothers. They were poor, and because they could not afford proper medical treatment, her mother had died while giving birth to her. Her father despised her while she was growing up. He verbally and physically abused her until she was 12. On her twelfth birthday, her father thought it was time for her to earn her worth around the house. She told Jeff that she had developed early, and at the age of 12, she already had firm B cup breast and womanly features. So every night when her father would come home, he would take her with him to the local bar. As the men drank and became intoxicated, he would parade her in the bar room. The older men would start feeling her up. They would squeeze her breast and slap her bottom. When all the men were horny, her father would auction her off to the highest bidder. Then Jen would go with the highest bidder. She was repeatedly beaten and raped. The men would abuse her mouth, her pussy and her ass. She did whatever they wanted to her. When they were done, they would return her to her father, and give him the money they had promised. When she was 15, one of them men showed compassion on her, and instead of using her sexually, he took her to a member of the immigrant underground who helped her get to America. She used the money the man was to give to her father to buy a bus ticket to her Uncles house. Her Aunt, her mother’s sister, and Uncle had welcomed her into their house. They never asked her any questions about why she had left.When she had gotten use to everything in her new life, and turned 16, then they allowed her to work in the diner to earn some money. “That is when I met you. You were so nice. You were always a gentleman, and for the first time in my life, I wanted a man.” She wiped the tears from her eyes. “I am sorry.” She said as she sat up. “Since you know that I am used goods, you probably do not want me here, so I will leave.”I caught her by the arm and pulled her to me. I looked into her dark brown eyes and kissed her passionately, laying her back on to the bed. I moved between her legs, positioning my cock at her entrance. I looked up at her. She nodded giving me permission. I pushed my hips forward as the head of my hard cock penetrated her wet folds. Waves of electricity shot through my body as my cock slowly sank into her welcoming canal. As our stomachs met, I lowered my head and began kissing her neck as my hips began to move slowly. I was going to make love to this girl. As hard as it was not to ravish this young vixen, I was going to show her what passion was. My hips moved as a slow rhythm. It had been almost three years since my divorce and longer than that since I had had sex, my self control was strong. Our pace quickened as we both were lost in our passion. We kissed as my cock slid in and out. I felt her legs tighten around me, and with a slight twist, she was on top of me. She lowered her head and her black hair fell over her face. As she moved her hips up and down slowly on my cock her hands reached down and took mine, placing them on her breast. She tossed her head back, allowing her face to be free from her hair and she smiled as she closed her eyes. I gently pulled on her hard nipples, and rolled them between my thumb and for finger. Her pace quickened. I lifted up and pulled her breast together. My mouth went to her right nipple, then her left. As I sucked and licked her nipple she began to moan. The more she moaned, the harder she rode my cock. Suddenly I felt a wave flush against my cock. She came hard. When the orgasm hit she screamed and her muscles clamped down on my cock. She held me close. When her orgasm subsided, she smiles and sank to my lap. I pushed her back, holding her legs against my chest. I knew I wasn’t going to be much longer. I began to pound her pussy harder. I watched her big breast bounce up and down with the force of my thrust. With one last thrust, I shot my cum deep inside her young womb. I pumped until I was spent and fell beside her. She kissed me on the cheek and we drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up. I looked around, but Jen was not in the room. I got up and slipped on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen. Standing at the stove, cooking was beautiful Jen. She had put on a pair of panties and one of my shirts. She sensed my presences and turned.She turned off the stove and glided toward me. She pulled me to her as she sat on the table. I kissed her. She returned my kiss. She reached into my shorts and pulled my cock out, pulling it to her. I moved the crotch of the panties over and slid my cock into her pussy. There was no passion this time. I put my hands on her ass and began to pump her hard and fast. She lay back on to the table as I pushed her legs back. My cock was pumping in and out of her like a well oiled piston. She was cumming almost instantly; I pushed deep and shot a small amount of cum inside her. I pulled out and sat in the chair. She climbed off the table and sat on my lap. “Oh I love you Jeff, but why only a little cum this time?”“Baby, guess my old balls can’t keep up.”“Well we will see about that, Papi.” Jen kissed me on the cheek and went back to her cooking.“Jen, what are we going to do?” “What are you talking about honey?”“I am head over hills in love with you, but how can we do this? My girls will never understand, and your aunt and uncle. They will never permit us to be a couple. Your uncle is younger than I am.”“Oh Jeff, do not worry about that. Lets just enjoy this weekend. Then we can take care of all that later.”I shook my head. “After breakfast, I want us to make love in the pool, can we do that Jeff?” “Sure we can. Any thing you want.”



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