I slowly put my hand in鲜嫩高中生无套进入

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I slowly put my hand in鲜嫩高中生无套进入
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I slowly put my hand in鲜嫩高中生无套进入

Out of this world Part 3As we approached Kemon II, I saw the ruins of Kemon One for the first time; the planet wascompletely destroyed. Orbiting the ruins of Kemon One, was the Earth sized space station, Kemon II.‘Wow Kemon II looks a lot like the space station in Star Trek Deep Space 9’ I though to myself, as we started our final approach for docking.“Welcome to our home,” Nookumick said as our ship docked with the Kemon II.“Follow me, I’ll escort you to your stay room for your stay with us,” He said with a smile on his face.“Wow, so this is what it’s like to be at a different planet.” I said amazed.“We are about 561,549,929,650 miles away from Earth, right now. Jennifer, you are the first human to travel this far into ‘Outer Space’,” he said.Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim escorted me to a room as big as my house on Earth.“This is where, you’ll stay, Nimlinlinanim and I have to report to our King. We’ll be back soon,”Nookumick said, as they left the room.The room was amazing! It was as big as my entire house on Earth, a large soft bed, as big as two king size beds on earth. Lots of plants from all around the galaxy, including some from Earth. An extremely soft carpet, a large bathroom with an amazing shower. Unfortunately I had no TV for any entertainment.After a few minutes, I couldn’t shake the thought that I had sex with two aliens. That thought was making me really wet, so I stripped off the uniform that Nookumick gave me, laid on the bed and started masturbating. As I was masturbating Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim returned to my stay room and nearly caught me masturbating fantasizing about the three of us fucking in a threesome.“Do you need anything Jennifer?” Nookumick asked.“Some food would be nice,” I said, hoping that they didn’t see me masturbating.“Of course, we have lots of food from Earth here on Kemon II, unlike our scout ship. What would you like?” He asked.“I would love to have a nice, juicy, steak!” I said excited.“Of course, I too like eating steaks from Earth. Cows make good meals,” He said as He andNimlinlinanim left. I quickly got dressed. A few minutes later, Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim returned with my meal as well as some food for themselves.“How do you like your stay room Jennifer?” Nookumick asked as he served me my meal.“I love it. This room is as big as my entire house,” I replied.“Yes, well this is one of luxury stay rooms. We save these for our important guests,” he replied.“Mkuuig inimorenimamo nuhuokmkio,” Nimlinlinanim said.“We’re glad you like it,” Nookumick translated.“Make sure you get a good rest tonight. In the morning we’ll start the tests,” Nookumick said.“What kind of tests?” I asked, starting to feel nervous.“Don’t worry, you will not be harmed. I will never allow that,” he replied.After eating our dinner, Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim left so I can get some rest. I was still wet from when I was interrupted when I was masturbating. So I went to my bathroom, and turned on the shower. To my surprise the water was an acid like green. Not knowing if it was safe, I slowly put my hand in, then drank some of the water, Nothing happened, the water tasted fine. So I got in and started to gently masturbate fantasizing about the three of us fucking in a threesome. When I was done, I dried myself using an extremely soft towel, then went to bed.In the morning I woke up to the amazing smell of bacon I looked around, and there was a clean uniform for me to wear, and breakfast on the table. As I was finishing eating Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim returned.“Ready to start your testing?” Nookumick asked.“I guess,” I replied, as I joined Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim.They escorted me to a gym where I joined five other aliens. As soon as Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim left, a eight foot tall multicolored alien approached me. It’s skin was a beautiful blend of teals, greens, and purples with two black reflective eyes.“Jouklomo komon lomboumnow,” it said.“What?” I asked, confused.“Oh, you’re human.” he said, surprised.“I’m Joguwuamguerbada. I’m from Lokniynmbomimna.” he said.“I’m Jennifer, I’m from Earth. How do you know English?” I asked.“I’ve been to Earth hundreds of times over the last 50,000 years. I know 50 human languages.” he said.“I’ve always liked human females. Most human females I have met are calm and peaceful, much like us Lokniynmbomimns.” he continued.“What do you do when you visit Earth?” I asked.“Just observe, Our orders were to watch and not to interact unless there was an outside threat like an another alien race threatening invasion,” he replied.“What were some of the things you observed?”“Well, one thing I observed was a decisive battle. In what you called the year 1066. In a territory that you call England,” He replied, remembering.Just then, Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim returned and split us up into groups of two. I was partnered with Joguwuamguerbada and we were escorted to a second room that looked like a sauna.“Please sit down and wait,” Nookumick said before Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim left the room.Shortly later,啊灬啊别停灬用力啊老师 the temperature started to fall gradually. After about an hour. I was starting to feel goosebumps on my skin. Soon, it felt like it was about five degrees and I had withdrawn my arms into the shirt of the uniform that Nookumick gave me to stay warm.“Jennifer, you’re freezing. Come sit next to me,”Joguwuamguerbada suggested.I got up and joined Joguwuamguerbada. He put his arm around me and started to rub my cold body to try to warm me up.“You’re not cold?” I asked?“No, my planet is far from our star and our average temperature is as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit or -28 degrees Celsius is on Earth,”“Oh my god that’s cold!” I said, shivering.After a few minutes, Joguwuamguerbada saw that I was still cold, so he moved me onto his lap and started to hug me to keep me warm. I couldn’t help but to notice that his cock was getting hard. My nipples were already hard because of the cold. A few minutes went by before I noticed thatJoguwuamguerbada was playing with my fully erect nipples and it was really turning me on.“Joguwuamguerbada, I really like you playing with my nipples. It feels so good,” I said in a shivering moan. Just then Joguwuamguerbada started to kiss my neck. And I could feel his hard cock getting even harder. I was starting to get curious how big his cock was. I pulled my arms out of the uniform shirt so that Joguwuamguerbada play with my breasts inside my shirt.“Oh yeah, that feels good,” I moaned before giving him a passionate kiss.By now, my pussy was soaked with my pussy juices and I was aching for a release. I slowly put my hand into my pants and started to massage my pussy. Slowly at first, then faster, and faster. Shortly later, I came in a powerful orgasm. Despite the room being a freezing five degrees, I was hot as hell. Got up and stripped off the uniform that Nookumick gave me. After taking off my uniform, I turned around, dropped to my knees and lowered the pants of Joguwuamguerbada’s uniform revealing his large foot long cock.“My my my, what a large cock you got,” I said seductively as I started to put it into my mouth.As I sucked on Joguwuamguerbada’s cock, I could hear him moaning in pleasure. So I started sucking faster and faster soon I made him cum. His hot acid green, sweet tasting cum pumped into my mouth with some dripping onto my breasts.“My turn baby,” I said seductively as I sat in a chair with my legs spread.Joguwuamguerbada down to my pussy. He slowly stuck out his long blue tongue and started to lick my pussy.“Oh baby! That fees amazing!” I moaned, feeling an orgasm building.Joguwuamguerbada's licking made my pussy feel so fucking good. He stuck long blue tongue deep inside my pussy. Slurping up my wet pussy juices and cum. Shortly he made me cum in a second powerful orgasm covering his entire mouth with my pussy juices and cum."I want your cock in my pussy! Fuck me!" I begged.Joguwuamguerbada put his huge foot long cock in my pussy making me moan loudly."Oh my god! That's fucking huge, I love it!" I moaned as Joguwuamguerbada fucked me.Shortly later, Joguwuamguerbada made me cum in a third, fourth, and fifth orgasm all more powerful than the last. He only stopped and pulled out after he came in a powerful orgasm, his hot acid green cum pumping deep into my pussy."Oh my god, let me suck your cock again," I said as I took his cock back into my mouth and started to suck on it again. Once I cleaned Joguwuamguerbada's cock of all of my pussy juices and cum; I had him sit down, I climbed ontop of him, put his cock back into my pussy and started riding him. Joguwuamguerbada took control and slammed me onto his cock over and over and over again making me cum in five more powerful orgasms before he came inside me again in a more powerful orgasm than the last one.I got off and sucked his cock again, cleaning it off of all my pussy juices and cum. Joguwuamguerbada but his hand on the back of my head and made me to suck him faster. A minute later I made him cum in the most powerful orgasm yet, his cum squirted into the back of my throat, and all over my face.I climbed back onto Joguwuamguerbada's cock, but before I could guide it into my pussy,Joguwuamguerbada put his foot long cock all the way in my asshole, taking me by surprise making me moan loudly."OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I yelled loudly.Joguwuamguerbada gave me time to get used to the feeling of his large cock in my asshole. After a few seconds, Joguwuamguerbada grabbed my waist and slowly made me fuck him and I really started to like the feeling of his cock in my asshole. After a minute, Joguwuamguerbada made me fuck him faster as I started to play with my pussy. Soon, I reached my eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth, orgasms just before Joguwuamguerbada came in my ass; his acid green cum filling my asshole."Oh my god! That felt amazing!" I said, climbing off of his cock.Joguwuamguerbada turned me around and forced me to my knees made me suck his cock, and made me clean his cock off of his alien cum. As I was sucking his cock, he started to finger my soaking wet and sticky pussy making me have my fourteenth, and fifteenth orgasms before making him cum again in my mouth."I want you. I want you to make me cum till I can't stop cumming baby!” I demanded, turning around and getting onto all fours. Joguwuamguerbada got behind me, put his cock back in my pussy and started to fuck me again."Faster!" I begged.Joguwuamguerbada fucked me faster, and faster. Making me cum in my sixteenth orgasm."Oh my god! Keep fucking me!" I begged, as he took his cock out of my pussy and put it back into my asshole.Joguwuamguerbada then continued to fuck me in my ass as I started to play with my pussy. Shortly later Joguwuamguerbada made me cum in my seventeenth orgasm followed shortly by my eighteenth and nineteenth orgasms. Joguwuamguerbada then pulled out of me and sat down. I then turned around and climbed on to his cock putting it back in my pussy. It was then I realized that his skin had turned to a very vivid navy blue as I started to ride his cock."You okay?" I asked, concerned."Yes, Jennifer I'm fine, but I'm running out of energy, we'll need to stop soon," he said exhausted, as he pounded me onto his cock."Okay baby," I moaned, feeling my twentieth orgasm building.A few intense seconds later, Joguwuamguerbada increased in speed making me moan loudly just before we both came in a powerful simultaneous orgasm."Oh my fucking god!" That was amazing, I said, exhausted.Joguwuamguerbada pulled his cock out of me and let me suck it clean. After a few minutes the temperature started to return to normal. So Joguwuamguerbada and I got dressed. Nookumick andNimlinlinanim returned with some warm blankets and handed them to us."This experiment was to see how cold you could withstand, it looks like you did fairly well, this room dropped to what you would call -25 degrees Fahrenheit or -31 degrees Celsius is on Earth,"Nookumick said.Nookumick and Nimlinlinanim then escorted us to our stay rooms where I took a shower, ate somedinner, and went to bed wondering what the next day had in store for me.To be continued...*The alien languages was made up by me, if any of the words in this fictional language isoffensive to anybody (in any language) no offense is intended and I am sorry.*


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