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and I watch hers三年片在线观看免费
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and I watch hers三年片在线观看免费

I lie on my back on the firm, cool surface. The table begins to feel softer, and my arms and legs start to move. With a metallic ring, the silver protrusions along the edges snap across my arms and legs, pinning me.The arm and legs sections of the table continue to separate until I’m spread eagle. Then the leg parts bend until I’m positioned like in gyno stirrups. I’m not used to having a bald pussy and the exposure heightens my lingering arousal from the fragrance.A hiss draws my attention to my right, and I finally see Tahlana. I know it’s her, but she’s not what I expected. Since she had continually referred to my captors as ‘our masters’, I assumed she would look human.She glares down at me from large yellow cat eyes. Though the only reason she is looking down at me is because of the height of the table. She is probably just a little over four feet tall. Her skin is more like scales and a glossy red. Throughout the red are swirls of black that could almost be tribal tattoos.She has freaky backwards knees and clawed, three-toed feet. Her hands are similar, with three talons for fingers. Her face is human enough; eyes, slits for a nose, slightly budging mouth with large but normal looking teeth. I think she’s smiling at me, but I’m not sure.Her ears are almost nonexistent. They are more like holes in her head. Instead of hair, she has a hundred or so knobby protrusions. They’re like horns, but not pointy.She wears a while sleeveless coat, similar to a doctors, with the rounded collar turned up. The bottom hem barely covers where I assume her genitals would be and is fastened to just below her breast. The red mounds of scaly flesh peak out on either side of the gap. They look much more firm than human breasts. ‘Time to take a few measurements,’ she hisses, and a forked tongue flicks between her teeth.It reminds me of Freddy, and that reminds me of Lizzie. After what that scumbag told me, I bet Lizzie is here too.Tahlana cocks her head like a curious puppy. ‘Yes. Your friend arrived before you.’I’m relieved to know she’s safe…if this place is considered safe.‘Unfortunately, I must release you to perform these tests and make some modifications. It will not be pleasant. The tests however, may be. I will make the first mod quickly. You’ll barely feel it.’I assume the metal bands restraining me to the exam table are going to retract, but instead I feel a complete mental and physical release of Tahlana’s hold. Immediately the reality of my situation overwhelms me. I’ve been captured, tortured, and I’m being turned into a sex slave.“Let me go, you bitch!” I scream at my captor.I strain at the metal bands holding me down and scream in frustration. They don’t budge. My heart pounds in my ears as I realized how exposed I am. This creature can do anything she likes to me. I feel a return of pressure in my mind, but it’s different this time. It burns. Somehow my brain is burning.“Ahh!”“All done!” Tahlana says.The burning has ceased, and I struggled to control my rapid breathing. As I calm,chinese老女人老熟妇hd I realized Tahlana has actually spoken aloud instead of using telepathy.I whip my head around to look at her, and now I know she’s smiling.“Just a slight mental mod. You will now be able to pick up new language quite readily.”I don’t want to learn new languages. I just want to find Lizzie and go home. Maybe the sympathy route will work on this creature.“Please,” I squeak and let tears fall down my face. “Why are you doing this to me? Please let me go. Let me and Lizzie go.”Tahlana just shakes her head and makes an exasperated snort-hiss. I continue to sob and she walks out of my sight.“As I’ve said before,” Tahlana speaks from beyond my vision. “Our Master’s cherish their slaves. These tests are to ensure you are not pressed beyond your limits.”My red trainer appears before me again with her dragon grin. She reaches out with a scaly hand and begins rolling my right nipple. I expect her touch to be rough, but it’s smooth. Her manipulation sends lightning bolts of desire to my neither regions. Without warning, her tender touch is replaced with coool metal. I gasp at the pressure and coldness. She moves to the other nipple, makes it erect and then clamps the same metal implement there as well.I feel her invade my mind and speak, ‘The only word you may speak is pain, and you may only speak it in truth when the pain is beyond your threshold of tolerance.’ Then her mental touch retreats. The metal discs that pinch my nipples begin to vibrate. They do not cause me pain at all. I grit my teeth against the building desire between my legs. The vibration increases and so does the pressure of the discs. They also begin to move in a twisting motion.It’s a little uncomfortable but mostly still arousing.The movement and pressure continue to increase. It begins to hurt, and I fear my nipples will be squashed or twisted off. I try to tell Tahlana to stop but I can’t speak the word she’s allowed. In truth, the pain is only intensifying my need.I chance a look at the ever increasing movements of the discs and have to look away. My breasts are now being smashed and tweaked by these alien objects to extremes. I don’t want to know what kind of damage is being done.I cry out in pain, but still I cannot speak the word. Finally the intense pressure crests and the line between pleasure and pain is crossed.“Pain!” I scream and sob. The torment stops immediately.Tahlana returns to the head of the table and caresses my hair with one hand as she reaches to my left breast and removes the disc. The sudden release of pressure hurts, and I cry out.“There now,” she hisses and rubs the nipple firmly, easing the pain. “You’ve done well. Our Masters will be pleased.”She removes the other disc and applies the same soothing kneading she had before.“Let’s continue,” she says and retrieves another object.I want to scream at her and demand my release, but I’ve been ordered not to speak. I am however slightly curious about the next test. While Tahlana had caused me pain, she was true to her word and had not pressed me beyond my tolerances. In fact, the test had only served to heighten my need.Tahlana studies the gadget in her hand. There seems to be a handle with controls on one end. The other is a pencil sized rod. As she touches the buttons, the rod begins to lengthen and grow. My mouth goes dry as the device expands to the length of a baseball bat and the circumference of a two liter bottle.My breathing quickens as I think I know its purpose. Tahlana presses another button and the instrument deflates to its original size. I follow her with my eyes as she positions herself between my raised and spread legs. She looks up and watches my face, and I watch hers, as she inserts the instrument into my pussy.




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