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Control GeekBy Randy MacAnus©2018 All rights reserved by the authorChapter 2Mitch was not about to wait until three o'clock the next afternoon to continue his fun. Hell, that was twenty four hours away! Sean, the hot red headed trickster would be next. He had learned that Sean hung out at the mall most of the time. He would sometimes hit on the girls working at the food court. But he would always sneak into the Cineplex. Sean had worked there for a few months and had made copies of the key to the back door. They had never changed the alarm code, so he could still turn it off. This allowed him to sneak in after hours and grab some nutritious candy bars and soda. He had even fucked a couple of girls in the theater after hours, and had once gotten a blow job in the projection booth when he still worked there. If a girl didn't put out for him, she became one of his victims at school. Mitch could only assume the same thing was happening with the boys he victimized. Mitch had seen him spend nearly fifteen minutes in that classroom closet with that one unconscious naked boy. What else could he have been doing in there? Mitch figured if a girl were stripped and raped there would a full police investigation. A boy who woke up and later realized why he had a sore ass would most likely keep his mouth shut. He would be facing enough humiliation over the public nudity. People would probably think a guy in that position had asked for it.As Mitch entered the mall, intending to buy a ticket for the movies, he spotted the boy that Sean had victimized. And Mitch had an idea. He walked up to the boy and introduced himself.The boy said, “Yeah, I remember you from school. You're that really smart kid.”Mitch looked the boy straight in the eye and said, “I know who knocked you out and stripped you. And I know what he did to you and why.”The boy blushed bright red and took furtive glances left and right. Then he looked down. He couldn't look Mitch in the eye.“It's not your fault. The guy is a total pig, and you are not the only one he's done that to. Every guy that was left naked at school was raped while he was out cold. Just like you.”Mitch had taken a real chance with that, but when he saw the boys expression he knew he was right.“He didn't do that to you, did he?” said the boy in a whisper.“No. I saw him do it to you, followed him some and put two and two together. As you said, I'm that smart kid.” He gave the boy a smile.“Why are you telling me this?” asked the boy suspiciously. Mitch realized the boy was afraid of being blackmailed. It was a pleasant thought, but it would be too easy. Besides he had a truly deserving target in his sights—Sean.“No worries, I'm not going to hurt or humiliate you in any way. For one thing, you've been through enough. The reason I'm telling you this is because I'd like to offer you an opportunity to get back at him.”A slow grim smile emerged on the boy's face. “Who was it?” he asked. There was a vengeful gleam in the boy's eyes. Mitch knew then he had made a good choice.“Promise, you'll work with me on this, and not try to deal with it on your own?”“Yeah, I promise. Who is it?”Mitch said softly, “How many guys have approached you for sex in the last few weeks?”The boy blushed a little and said, “Maybe three or four. I get that on a regular basis. I'm small and slim and I don't play macho sports like football, so guys make assumptions. I wouldn't mind a guy offering a blow job, as long as he didn't expect me to return the favor. Truth to tell, the idea of a guy on his knees serving a little twerp like me is very appealing. I could do with that on a regular basis. But they all want to fuck me. Most take no for an answer, but the last one actually put his hands on me and said 'You know you want it.' It's a good thing we were by the running track. Coach came around the corner and he let me go...wait, are you saying it was Sean?”Mitch nodded and watched the anger build on the boy's face. Before the boy could explode in a fit of rage, Mitch said, “Take it easy. We're going to get him back big time, I promise. If he knew what I have planned for him, he'd run to the cops and turn himself in because jail would be better than what we're going to do to him.”The boy said, “I can't imagine what that would be, so I'm glad you're doing the thinking here. Even if I'd known it was him, I would never have had the nerve to turn him in and admit what he'd done to me. I was just thankful I wasn't awake when it happened.”“This is going to take a lot of courage on your part, and you are going to have some very big secrets to keep. Do you think you're up to that?”“Secrets are no problem. I've been keeping big ones most of my life. And if you can really help me get even with that rat bastard I'll keep any secret you want. The courage thing, I can probably handle that, but it would be best if you told me what I have to do. Then I can give you an honest answer.”“Right. Sean hangs out at the Cineplex. He used to work there, still has keys. He goes in there sometimes after they close to steal stuff or fuck someone. I know this will be really tough, but I want you to convince Sean you changed your mind. Say you don't want to tell him why, but you had an experience that makes you think you might want to try what he wants you to do. He'll believe because he wants to.”“I have to let him fuck me again?” the boy said wide-eyed.“I really hope not, but I can't absolutely guarantee that won't happen. It's going to depend on whether you manipulate him the right way. I'll tell you what to say and do, and I'm very confident it will work. But it would be dishonest of me to say there is no risk.”The boy gulped and nodded his head. Mitch led him over to a bench and explained his plan. When he was done, the boy headed for the food court and Mitch went to the movies.The boy found Sean at the food court just as Mitch had predicted. It made the boy feel better about Mitch's plan. The boy went to the counter and got a small soda, then sat at the table next to Sean's. When the boy was looking the other way Sean smirked a bit as he checked him out.Sean's efforts to get one of the food court girls to blow him in the theater after it closed had failed. His reputation as a crappy lover with a big mouth had gotten around. And while it gave Sean great pleasure to play his little tricks on the bitches he would rather have had the sex.It wasn't that he was smart enough not to rape the girls the way he did the guys who turned him down—he just didn't have the nerve. Getting in a girl's pants was more satisfying for Sean, because he could brag about that. But getting guys was easier if you were willing to rape the ones who said no. And, of course, nearly all of them did. Even the gay guys he hit on usually turned him down, because Sean was such an asshole. He'd liked doing it to the boy. He was sure he was straight, which made it even sweeter. The kid was delicate and pretty. He was a good athlete, a wrestler and a baseball player and he was feisty and tough to deal with, even for bigger guys, in the sports he played. Sean felt like he'd taken some of his manhood when he'd raped him and stolen his clothes.Sean decided he wanted him again. In fact, he wanted to break the kid, make him into a bitch. Knocking him out and raping him again wouldn't do it, he figured. He'd have to have him while the kid was awake, but helpless, so he could degrade him.As he was trying to work out a strategy for that in his mind, the most amazing thing happened. The kid didn't look at him, but he spoke to him quietly, and said, “Sean, you remember that thing you suggested we do a couple of weeks ago?”Sean was startled, but kept his cool: “Yeah, what about it?”“First, I'm sorry about being so rude to you. You just asked, after all. Second, something happened that I don't want to talk about, but it's made me re-think what you said, and I'm thinking maybe I should at least try it.”Ever since Sean had started raping and humiliating guys who'd refused him, he'd had fantasies about them coming back to him like this, and giving themselves to him. None ever had, but he'd still had his best jack off sessions dreaming about this. And now, here was the cutest guy he'd ever had making that dream come true!“If we do this, kid, there's no backing out. Once we start we don't stop, understand?”“Y-yes, that makes sense. It wouldn't be fair if I brought this up then changed my mind.”Sean grinned to himself. This was going to be great! “Okay then, here's what's going to happen. The last show at the multiplex lets out at ten tonight. I have keys. You meet me by the back door at 10:30. All the employees will have left by then. We walk inside that back door, and the first thing you do is strip naked and turn around. I am going to tie you up. It's for your own good. If you know you can't stop what's coming, then you'll be able to relax into it and you'll enjoy it more. I know it all sounds scary, but this way we won't get caught 'cause we're in a locked building and you can drop all that 'should I or not?' bullshit out of your head 'cause it will happen. Think you can handle all that?”Sean held his breath waiting for the kid to answer.Finally the boy said, “I know you know about how I got stripped and left with my hands tied at school. Hell, everyone knows! It's the worst thing that's ever happened to me. So you've got to promise me you're not going to do that to me too. I'll let you tie me up and all, but please don't leave me like that!”The boy still had not looked at him. Sean liked that. He'd be looking right into the boy's eyes though when he put his legs on his shoulders and fucked him tonight!“I won't do that to you. I don't want anyone to know about this either.”He saw the boy relax slightly when he said that. Good, he'd played it right.“10:30.”“Okay.”Sean left the food court with a grin on his face and a stiffy in his shorts.The boy slumped back in his chair and took a deep breath and sent a text to Mitch. All it said was:'10:30.'As the credits started to roll, Mitch quietly left his seat and went to the small storage room behind the screen that he'd scouted out earlier. There wasn't anything in it except a big empty desk, so he felt he could take the chance and hide there until the employees left for the night. It worked out perfectly. He'd hid behind the desk leaving the door ajar, just as he'd found it. No one had even looked in. He'd heard the manager call the last employee to get his ass out, they could finish cleaning in the morning.Mitch waited another five minutes then moved near the back door. It was 10:18.At 10:31 the back door opened and Mitch could see two figures enter beneath the green glow of the exit light. “Strip!” he heard Sean say. He could see the silhouette of the boy as he walked over to the far wall and started to strip. Mitch couldn't help himself. He stood there and watched as the boy stripped then turned around to let Sean tie him up. The plan had been to knock out Sean as soon as his back was turned, but what the hell.Sean had just completed tying the boy's arms when Mitch let him have it. He hit the big red head over the back of the head with a sock full of pennies. Sean dropped in a heap.The boy turned around with huge eyes and said, “Cripes, what took you so long?”Mitch said, “Sorry about that. Had a bad angle and had to sneak to a different position. You okay?”“Just scared as hell!”“Well, you and I are in control now.” And with that, Mitch flipped on the light switch. He didn't need the light, he just wanted to get a good look at the naked and bound straight kid standing next to him.“Untie me,” said the kid.“Not yet, I want to get this bastard bound and naked as quick as I can before he wakes up.” Mitch figured that was as good an excuse as any. And heck, the kid bought it.Mitch went to work as the naked kid watched with great satisfaction. Sean was stripped, then hog-tied with the remaining rope he'd brought to use on the kid. Mitch stuffed the naked rapist's dirty socks in his mouth then gagged him with a very nasty handkerchief he'd brought for just this purpose.“If you don't mind, I want this bastard to see what he's going to be missing, so I'm going to leave you that way for a few minutes more.”With a slightly perplexed expression on his face the kid said, “um, okay.”Mitch pulled out an ampule of smelling salts, cracked it open and put it under Sean's nose. Sean awoke with a start. He tried to rub his sore head but couldn't. As the fog began to clear he realized he couldn't speak either—and what the hell was that nasty smell? As his eyes unglazed he saw the kid still naked and bound in front of him. His first thought was 'oh, boy!' His second thought was 'oh, shit!' He had just realized he was naked bound and gagged.“Got a problem there, big fella?” said a voice behind him.Sean went rigid in terror. Someone had turned the tables on him! Was it one of the theater employees? Had the kid set him up? If he had then why was the kid still tied up and naked. Sean was very afraid and very confused.“Okay stud, here are your choices. You can give the kid a really great blow job when I take the gag out of your mouth, or we can leave you just as you are in the lobby for everyone to find in the morning. I'll be taking pictures of you sucking cock just in case you get any crazy thoughts in your head later on. Okay, blow job or lobby?”Mitch removed the gag while still kneeling behind Sean.Sean said, “Blow job,” in a very quiet voice. The kid took all of this in with surprise. This had not been part of the plan, but his dick must like the idea because it suddenly stood to attention.Sean had given a couple of blow jobs when he was younger, but quickly figured out he was a taker, not a giver. The red head struggled to his knees and went to work. Anything was better than getting left like this. He'd figure out how to settle the score later.The boy gave a shudder as Sean put a lip lock on his crank and started sucking. Neither had theuse of their hands, so it took them a bit to work a rhythm but once it got going Mitch had to admit to himself that it was hot to watch. As the boy became more aroused he began fucking Sean's face with a vengeance. Sean was not amused. But the sooner this was over the better, plus he was in no position to argue.The boy began to moan, and Mitch watched with satisfaction as he shot multiple loads down the red head's throat. It had not been discussed but Sean wisely decided that spitting the cum out was not a good idea.Once the boy began to soften, Sean backed off and let the unwelcome man meat fall out of his mouth. Mitch walked over to the boy, untied him put an arm around his shoulder and whispered in his ear.“If you ever decide you'd like to explore the possibilities look me up.” He gave the boy's cute little ass a squeeze and pointed to the pile of clothes on the floor. “Leave the rest to me. Trust me. He'll never bother you again. If you want to bother him, just let me know.”The boy grinned, got dressed and left.Mitch turned to his captive and said, “I told you I wouldn't leave you in the lobby if you blew the kid and I won't. But by the time I'm done with you, you will wish I had.”The bound naked stud began to tremble. He was not used to being helpless and he did not like it one bit. “What are you going to do?” Sean croaked.“Whatever I damn well please,” said Mitch. “And by the time this evening is over you'll be coming back for more anytime I want. You'll hate it, but you won't be able to help yourself.”“What, you think you can blackmail me?” Sean growled.“I won't have to,” countered Mitch. “The only reason you're not under my spell already is because I want you to know what's going to happen to you and why. And I want you to remember. You know who I am?”“Yeah you're that nerd from school.”“Well this nerd is just a whole lot smarter than you can imagine. I've come up with a really amazing formula. When I give it to you, you will go into a trance, similar to the one that's caused by Sodium Pentathol” “What the hell is that?” asked the red head.“If you'd heard of it, I'd be surprised. It's also known as truth serum.”“So you think I'll tell you stuff, then do what you want to keep you quiet?”Mitch grinned,chinese老女人老熟妇hd “Nah, that's no fun, anyone could do that. When you're in the trance I can give you orders. You will hate these orders. But you will have no choice. You will be compelled to obey. When I used this stuff before I told the guy to forget he was ever in a trance. He has no idea why he's compelled to do what he does. He thinks it's all coming from his own guilt.”Mitch leaned into Sean's face and said quietly, “But I'm not going to let you off that easy. You are one sick, twisted fuck. I respect that. So am I. The difference is I'm smart, and you like to beat up on guys like me. So I'm out for revenge. And unlike you, I know how to really make it hurt.""You are going to know that I've gained complete control over you, with my serum. You are going to remember tonight and all the things you've done. You are going to know that I will make the rest of your life a nightmare. And you are going to cooperate in creating that nightmare. You will have no choice. You will hate me with a passion. But you will be unable to do anything about it. All you will be able to do is obey. Sound like fun?”“You're full of shit up to your ears,” said Sean, hoping against hope.“Let's find out,” grinned Mitch.Mitch took out a disposable syringe filled with his serum, and before Sean even knew what was happening, he stuck it in the naked red head's ass and pushed in the plunger.“Ow!” was the last thing Sean said before he went under. Mitch spent the next hour giving him his instructions.When Sean awoke, he was outside the movie theater's back door, still naked but unbound. He shook off the cobwebs and then started to remember. And the more he remembered the more horrified he became. He now knew Mitch had been right. He would obey to the letter everything Mitch had told him to do. It would be painful. It would be humiliating. It would ruin his reputation (such as it was). It would leave him a complete and total slave to Mitch's whims. And to the whims of anyone else Mitch felt like lending, giving or selling him to!Mitch had been right about something else. Sean hated him to the very core of his being. Worse, it was a helpless hatred that he would never be able to act on. Sean knew from what Mitch had told him when he was under that his clothes were long gone. He had not driven to the mall, and so he would have to walk.Then he remembered where he would be walking to. He was about to jog to that restroom in the park where all the homos go to hook up! It wasn't even midnight yet so the place would still be busy. “Aw crap,” thought Sean.What was worse, Sean couldn't remember what he was supposed to do when he got there. His memory of his orders was unfolding only as he needed them, so he had no chance to prepare himself in any way for what would happen.The naked redheaded hunk got to his feet and began his jog to the park. He had been ordered to jog. As his bare feet slapped the side walk his dick became harder and harder. Then he remembered. He had been ordered to maintain an erection until Mitch gave him permission to let it go soft. He was gonna look like he wanted it bad!He saw a car coming up the street. His impulse was to dive behind the bushes, but his orders kicked in. He had to remain on the sidewalk jogging, and not cover any part of his body. With tears of anger and shame streaming down his face the hunk complied with his implanted directive. As the car approached, he realized he knew the owner. It was that homo teacher he'd had for home economics. Sean and all the football players had taken the class for the easy A. Sean had been surprised the guy had never approached any of the athletes in his class. Like many homo haters Sean just assumed they were all after young boys. The man in fact, had an older lover and neither of them could have cared less about teenage boys.But the teacher knew some younger dominant men who went for the 18 to 25 crowd—especially if they were straight macho types who needed taking down. One in particular, Manfred Schmidt, was a 30 year old leather top who specialized in breaking down homophobes.When the teacher saw the young stud jogging up the street, tears of rage streaming down his face, he knew something big was up. The teacher pulled over and rolled down his window.“Problem Sean?” the teacher said.Sean could not believe it! He had no choice. His implanted orders required him to tell this guy where he was going! “I'm just headed to the rest room in the park,” Sean said. He said it like it was the most natural thing in the world. Despite his bottled up rage and humiliation, it came out of his mouth as if he were looking forward to whatever would be waiting for him!“Most people wear their clothes, at least until they get there,” said the teacher with a touch of irony in his voice, which Sean completely missed. Sean thought irony was the thing they used to press your pants.“Saves time,” Sean said. The teacher laughed, shook his head and drove off. Then he voice-dialed Manfred and filled him in. “I don't know what's up, but someone has this bastard by the balls. He's a big macho gay basher, just graduated high school. He's jogging naked to the park, like he can't wait to get fucked. Hell, his dick's so hard, if you cut it off you could hammer it into a two by four! Might be worth you checking it out.”“Ya,” said Manfred. Manfred was a man of few words.In fact, Manfred had already been enlisted by Mitch to play a part in his plan. Mitch couldn't bring Sean back to his place for training. His dad would have been cool about it, but would have made Mitch let Sean go at the end of each day. So Manfred had agreed to be the stud's warden and co-trainer.Sean jogged through the heavily forested park for about ten minutes before he spotted the rest room. He could see about twenty men gathered in the adjacent parking lot. He screamed inwardly in frustration and humiliation as his feet kept jogging straight for them, despite his best mental efforts to convince them to go elsewhere. Suddenly the teen hunk's legs brought him to a halt just inside the tree line. At first he thought he'd overcome his orders, whatever they were, and gave a sigh of relief. Then suddenly, he knew what he was here to do. Sean recoiled in horror from the revelation. He was to sneak around the perimeter of the rest room clearing, seeking naked couples. He had to search their discarded clothing for a thong or jock strap and put it on. Sean knew if he succeeded without being caught, he would proceed to his next assignment. He had no idea yet what that would be, but he knew now what he would have to do if he got caught—offer himself to the item's owner in return for the item. If the owner demanded more, he would comply. There was no option.A trembling Sean began to slowly sneak around the forest edge, hoping to find a couple going at it in the woods. He was terrified he might actually have to go to phase two if he couldn't find his prize. If he was unable to secure a jock or thong by stealth, he would have to put his hands behind his head, and walk straight to the restroom door. There he would announce what he needed. The first who could provide the jock or thong could have him—right there in front of all the others!Sean had prowled around the edge of the woods for over an hour with no luck. Lots of whitey tighties and boxers—and guys going commando—but not one thong or jock. Sean had become aware that there was a time limit but did not yet know what it was. He didn't have a watch anyway. He just knew that when his time was up he would know, and his embedded commands would force him to proceed to phase two. As the trembling naked stud wandered quietly among the fucking groups of men in the woods, he couldn't believe how turned on seeing all this was making him. Couples mostly, but also trios, four-ways and one six way. He had to watch that one for a couple of minutes just to figure out who was doing what to whom in that shadowy glen, surrounded by trees and shrubs. As Sean turned away from the scene to continue his search, he walked right into a tall broad-shouldered man dressed in black jeans, a black leather vest and black combat boots. Sean's first impulse was to run, but his embedded instructions would not allow it. Sean swallowed hard and just stood there, his rapid shallow breathing giving away his fear.The tall man spoke: “You are on a qvest, ya?” Sean knew it was a foreign accent. He was clever about things like that. He didn't know which one, but it didn't matter. He'd understood the question, and the reply came from his lips without any conscious thought.“Sir, my owner requires me to obtain a jock or a thong from someone in this park, either by stealth or by barter. I have been unable to obtain one thus far.”“What the hell?” thought Sean, “I don't talk like that!” Sean didn't even know what barter meant, and he was a little hazy on the meaning of stealth. About that time Sean realized that he had squared his shoulders, placed his hands behind his head and his feet shoulder width apart the instant the man had begun to speak to him. And as shamed as he was by his words and position, he could not bring himself to move a muscle!The tall man sensed this and began to run his leather-gloved hands all over Sean's buff naked body. As he cupped the stud's balls and stroked his rigid cock, he said, “I vill provide za item you seek. You vill come mit me and do exactly as I tell you.”Sean trembled in panic. He had no choice! He had no idea where the man would take him or what would be done to him. Sean knew he had become this very scary man's naked prey, as he could not disobey. This apparently was barter—Sean would allow this man to use him as he pleased, in return for a scrap of cloth.He realized the man just assumed that Sean would submit. The man padlocked a small strap of leather around the naked stud's balls and a collar around his neck. When Sean saw the leather leash, he assumed it would be attached to the collar. To Sean's surprise the man snapped it to the strap around his ball sac!The man headed down the path, leading Sean by the leash. Sean was slow to get moving and the man gave the leash a hard tug. The big buff naked athlete yelped at the pain in his balls, and promptly began to move forward at the man's rapid pace.All of a sudden, they were out of the woods and walking straight across the large lawn surrounding the restrooms. There must have been at least thirty guys in that clearing and every one of them turned to watch the sight of the hot naked teen being led by his balls to the parking lot. They all knew the man with the leash in his hand. Normally there would have been catcalls and snide remarks made, but not one of them wanted to piss off the man in black.To his chagrin, Sean kept his hands behind his head, and walked tall, his big hard cock bouncing against his belly. He appeared to be proud, which made him feel even deeper shame. He recognized three of the men in the crowd, and shuddered. He knew these guys would spread the word. Sean suspected he would be unable to say no to future advances. If that was true, he could tell by the looks on the faces of the men he passed, that he would be very very busy. The thought of submitting to any fag that wanted him, filled Sean with dread and despair. It also filled him with intense excitement, and for the life of him, Sean could not figure out why!As Sean looked around, he saw a familiar figure, leaning against a tree, next to the parking lot. It was his master! Mitch looked directly into the big stud's eyes, and gave him a cocky grin. Sean knew that he would wind up begging the little nerd to change his orders. But it was clear that he wouldn't get the chance tonight! Another tug on his balls, got Sean's attention. He had slowed up again while thinking. Sean had trouble doing anything else, when he was attempting to think. The young stud focused on keeping up as they approached a black pick-up truck parked at the end of the lot.“In za back, pussy-boy. Only real men ride in der front!” Sean swallowed hard and climbed in the back of the truck. The man attached the leash to a tie-down point in the truck bed. Sean began to lie down in the bed, but the man ordered him to sit up straight. Sean did so, keeping his legs apart and hands behind his head. Anyone passing by would see him, and there wasn't a thing he could do about it!The truck pulled out of the lot and headed out of town. Sean was a little relieved by this, as he felt it would be less likely that he would be seen. But then another pick-up passed going the other way. Six of his football buddies were in the back and two were in the cab. And they all gawked at the sight. “Aw crap,” thought Sean. He didn't even want to think about what they'd say—or do—the next time they saw him! And why did the thought of maybe being used by the team send a tingle down his spine, and make his dick drip?! It was way too much information for Sean's brain to process all at once. His mind went into neutral. The hot teen stud sat in the back of the open pick-up wearing a slave collar, a strap around his balls and absolutely nothing else. Sean was on full display, but not another car passed as they headed further and further out of town. Finally the truck turned onto a dirt track that led into a large, deeply wooded area that Sean was not familiar with. The truck drove on and on. Sean didn't know it, but they had traveled more than five miles down that dirt track before the truck finally slowed, then came to a halt.Sean was facing backwards, so he could not see what was in front of the truck. The foreign guy came around the back, took hold of the leash and ordered Sean out of the truck. The helpless naked teen looked up and saw a large old house that reminded him of that house in the movie Psycho. He was led into the house, but the foreign guy didn't turn on any lights. He simply led the boy to the back of the house by the moonlight streaming in the windows. Manfred opened the door to the basement, and without a word led Sean down the stairs by his balls.There were deep shadows everywhere, and strange looking pieces of equipment the big stud could not identify. Sean was absolutely terrified, but his dick was dripping like a son of a bitch! The leather master led Sean to a dark corner. Sean heard the squeak of a door opening and saw that the door was made of bars! Sean's captorshoved him into the five foot high cage, and locked the door.“I vill be back to begin your training in der morning. Until zen you vill not play mit yourself or piss or shit. If you do, I vill see der mess und you vill vish you had nefer been born! Pleasant dreams, slave!”The German chuckled as he rolled down a metal security cover over the only window, sending the basement into total darkness. The German made his way up the stairs using a small flashlight on his key chain. Sean could not bring himself to beg, as much as he wanted to, in part because he had a lump in his throat the size of a baseball.Sean sat down, leaning against the bars, spreading his legs and keeping his hands behind his head. He was so scared and so horny! At that moment he became thankful that his conditioning required him to keep his hands behind his head, or he would have been yanking his crank with a passion!Finally, Sean fell into a fitful sleep, dreaming of large cocks, belonging to laughing sneering men, penetrating his body.


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